Firefighting Foam

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Storm Damage

We fight for those affected by Hurricane/Storm Damage.

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Workers Compensation

Your pain is worth something. But how much? How do you measure pain in dollars?

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SSDI Claim

Get in touch with law firms. Get the settlement you deserve.

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Get your case value and take the first step to getting a settlement for your accident.

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Traffic ticket

Fighting your traffic ticket has never been this easy.

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Exposure to RoundUp® has been linked to many types of Lymphoma.

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Hernia Mesh

Over $184 Million in Settlements as of July, 2019

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Zantac® has been recalled and linked to causing Cancer in thousands of people

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Talcum Powder

Exposure to Talcum Powder has been linked to Ovarian Cancer

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Affordable Care Act

Unlock the compensation you’re entitled to.

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Ozempic Lawsuit

Connect with experienced law firms to pursue the settlement you deserve.

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Legal Support for Foreclosures

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Hearing Aid

Rediscover Sound, Reclaim Life: Your Guide to Hearing Aids

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Auto Insurance

Find the best coverage at the right price

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What Our Clients Say

ZIPLegal can help you get the financial compensation you deserve.

My husband used Round Up for years at his job and recently was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. My Law Suit help reached out immediately and we’ve begun the process with our team.

Dianne R.

After filling out the form, I received a call from a law firm to help assist me with my specfic needs. The process was super easy and I didn’t have to waste my time finding the right lawyer I needed for my case.

Carl M.

I was taking Zantac for years and ended up with some serious medical issues. A lawyer reached out and explained the whole process to me. This was much easier than I expected and I am now apart of the lawsuit.

Alex V.







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Frequently asked questions

What is ZIPLegal?

ZIPLegal is a Lawyer Referral Service that providers consumers with referrals to qualified lawyers who can help them with their legal issue. ZIPLegal staff cannot give legal advice, but can provide referrals in more than 100 areas of law. The lawyers on our panel are referred on a rotational basis by area of legal expertise and by geographical location.

Who can use ZIPLegal?

ZIPLegal can help anyone who needs to hire an attorney but does not know where to find one, or who may not know which type of attorney best meets their needs. ZIPLegal is not a service for those who can not afford an attorney. You may find information on organizations that can provide those resources here.

What type of cases do attorneys take?

Our attorneys are well versed in many areas of law. The majority of referrals requested are in the areas of Mass Torts, Motor Vehicle Accident, Personal Injury, Bankruptcy, Worker’s Compensation and many, many more.

Can I get a PRO BONO or small claims attorney?

No. ZIPLegal does not provide referrals to pro bono attorneys or low-cost legal services. Referrals are not provided for small claims cases because plaintiffs and defendants represent themselves in small claims. Call the local district court for information on filing claims.

Will I talk to an attorney when I call ZIPLegal?

There are no attorneys on-site, and ZIPLegal staff are not licensed attorneys and cannot give legal advice. When you call or submit a form to ZIPLegal, you will be given the name and number of a qualified attorney to call for assistance with your legal issue.

How long do I have to wait to meet with the attorney?

You should call the attorney to discuss your case as soon as you receive the referral. If the attorney is unable to take your call immediately, leave a message and/or schedule a meeting time with the attorney’s assistant.

Can I get more than one referral?

ZIPLegal staff can only provide one referral per phone call or form submission, but you may receive additional referrals if necessary. Every attorney on ZIPLegal panel has an active caseload and may not be able to immediately take your call, but the attorney will return your call in a timely manner. If the attorney we refer is not able to take your case, you can get another name after two (2) business days.

How much does the attorney charge?

All of the attorneys on ZIPLegal panel are full-fee attorneys in private practice. ZIPLegal does not maintain fee information on the panelists. If you decide to retain the attorney after the free 30-minute consultation (see below) you will need to discuss the fees and payment options with them at that time.

How do I use ZIPLegal?

Simply complete the form on ZIPLegal. There is no charge to receive your referral. ZIPLegal will determine the legal area of the problem you describe and provide a referral to the proper attorney or agency. The attorney provides you with a free up-to-30-minute phone consultation. If necessary, any payment arrangements should be discussed with the attorney at that time.